Welcome to ColdFire Foundation


     From the CEO’s desk

We believe in giving back to the society, in making the world a better place

We are very concerned about the alarming rate of poverty in Nigeria with its peculiar dehumanizing challenges;

Poor people are the major victims of crimes and insecurity

Poor people lack access to basic health amenities

Poor people lack access to basic quality educations

Poor people lack access to basic housing facilities

Poor people lack access to clean drinking water

Poor people lack access to employment, etc.

We are extremely concerned about Poverty caused by circumstance, and not by choice. We are therefore focused on Orphans and Vulnerable Children in our society and  passionate about helping them. We believe in the sustainable process of teaching people how to catch the fish, than just giving them fish to eat. We want to help Orphans and Vulnerable Children by providing education Scholarships, Outreaches and Skill acquisition supports. In achieving this, we are committing 10% of all our business profits to the interventions

You can follow/support our activities by liking us on Facebook and subscribing to our YouTube channel on;

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@coldfirefoundation

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Under our Foundation, We have designed interventions and annual Education Scholarship programmes and has been officially launched on the 15th of August, 2023.



We are reaching out to partners and like minds in raising funds towards accommodating as many beneficiaries as possible each year



Ifeanyi Odenyi
CEO/Creative Director