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Real Estate Agency

We are the fastest and most trusted platform to buy or sell Real Estate in Nigeria's capital city Abuja and Nigeria in general, and our main interest is "Value for Money"

Scams in the real estate industry are real and that is why we are here to save potential buyers and sellers from the wrath of unscrupulous dubious vendors or impostors.

We are based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory but have our reliable partners in every capital of the 36 states of Nigeria.

Through our swift smart verification processes and due diligence, we connect buyers of properties to real owners and Sellers of properties  to real buyers. We also provide Luxury Rental Agency services for appropriate clients

Our services cover both Commercial and Residential Real Estate


Property Renovation/Remodeling/Maintenance and Management

We are the RENOVATION MASTERS. We provide a full range of renovation, remodeling and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Our services cover both interior and exterior jobs.

In our renovation, remodeling and maintenance works, customer satisfaction is key. We always listen to the ideas and vision of our customers because we wish to bring them to life. We work in partnerships with our clients to deliver the exceptional result that they expect from us. We can take the hassle off your shoulders during your property improvement by handling everything from A to Z

On the interior, we renovate, remodel and maintain the Kitchen, Toilets, Bathrooms, Ceiling, Walls, Roof, Floor, etc.

On the Exterior, we renovate, remodel and maintain the Walls, Roof, Floor, Fence, Gutters, Drainages, etc.

Renovation is pretty much as important as the initial house building and it requires just as much planning and effort as the actual building. This is because you want to correct the mistake that might have happened previously and not create another. As clear as it may sound, most people still do not understand its essence, which is why we have put together five main reasons why planning for renovation with us is important
1. To get the right materials
Garbage in, garbage out. The quality of the material you use hugely impacts the kind of results you get. Unless you have a supplier you trust on speed dial, then you definitely need to research, weigh your options and choose the one to go with. All these are part of planning, which needs to be extensive and detailed enough.
2. To conform with standards and codes
While planning is majorly about allowing you to get the best of the best, it is also about staying in good terms with the law. Nothing annoys and is as frustrating as having to talk down something you have invested money and time into because it does not conform with the standards. To avoid such frustrations, it is important you sit down and do your research beforehand.
3. To reduce cost
Getting high-quality outcomes is the core and main reason for the planning stage. However, in every project, whether construction or not, there is usually the constraining factor of cost. While aiming to increase scope and quality, you will be making attempts to reduce the cost. This you can do in the planning stage before embarking on the actual work. Compare suppliers, products, materials, designs and contractors, and cut-off the unnecessary costs.
The planning stage also provides the chance to foresee risks prone to occur and draw ways to counter them accordingly. In doing so, you save on time as well as cost.
4. To avoid frustrations
This pretty much summarizes everything. People overlook the planning stage and end up getting frustrated during and after the whole process, and as mentioned before, having to take down your work can be frustrating. Besides helping you save, planning also helps at reducing and preventing the aftermath frustrations and regrets.
Over-excitement to see results can sometimes be too much and you might end up making mistakes like going with any contractor. Remember, having a contractor you can trust is pretty much your leeway to reducing cost and time. Besides the quality of materials you use, contractors are the determinants of whether or not your renovation turns out successful. This is reason we take our time during the planning stage to get the best.

Our Residential and Commercial property management services focus on delivering an exceptional property management experience to our clients. Our team treats each property we manage as if it were our own and we take pride in our ability to attract and retain great tenants.


Our core property management services include:

Property Marketing

Quickly find the right tenant for your property with our marketing team working to generate leads. Your listing syndicates across multiple platforms, which helps to ensure we connect with a wide audience.

Tenant Screening

A rental property can only perform optimally when quality tenants are occupying the property. We screen all applicants carefully and use financial & background checks to cover our bases.

Rent Collection

Still scrambling to get your rental income each month? Let our team handle all billing for your property. We generate invoices, process incoming payments, and diligently work to keep Tenant accounts current.


Ongoing maintenance helps to keep your rental property in great shape for the long haul. We coordinate repairs and make certain the right service providers are sent to solve your rental's repair issues.

Property Evaluations

Evaluations give our team the opportunity to observe the overall condition and care of your rental property.  Photo documented evaluations are reviewed, archived & uploaded to Owner portals.

Financial Reporting

It's easy to monitor the financial health of your property, thanks to our monthly statements and reports. You can access all of your financial documents inside your digital account portal.


Carefully screening would-be tenants helps to avoid problems down the road.  Should an unforeseen circumstance require Tenant eviction, our experience & attorney provided eviction services will work to resolve the issue.

Legal Compliance

Legal headaches can sink profits and cause incredible stress. As a experienced real estate brokerage we help you to comply with all fair housing laws, ethics and regulations.


Property Development and Investment partnerships

With over 10 years experience in the real estate sector in Abuja, we have worked closely with several top-notch developers availing us a deep knowledge and experience with different development strategies, while identifying the loop holes in the delivery of development services.

We have therefore designed development frameworks and strategies that will fill the existing gaps in the industry, ensure the safety of money invested, while satisfying numerous subscribers. We have short term, medium term and long term development and investment strategies for potential investors and partners

We partner with individuals, organizations and institutions towards a satisfying real estate investment